European Meeting of Communications Directors


On Wednesday, 12 September, the GeneralCuria hosted a one-day meeting for the communications directors of all theEuropean Provinces of the Order, the General Curia, Tiber Island, the SpanishInterprovincial Commission and the Hospitality Europe office.

The meeting had been promoted by theOrderís Europe Commission in response to a strategic need that had been voicedduring this Sexennium by the Major Superiors, particularly in order to enhance synergiesand the coordination of the Hospitaller Orderís communications at the Europeanlevel.

More than ever before, communications areconstantly and unpredictably developing, driven both by technologicaldevelopments in the media and the new forms in which the media are being used. Duringthe Sexennium a number of particular events occurred (such as the Ebolaepidemic in West Africa) which put the Hospitaller Order in the internationallimelight as a result of exceptional media pressure. It was on these issues andthe ways in which communications could be improved that the 12 participants inthe meeting exchanged their ideas, news and documents.

The first part of the meeting was a firstround of individual presentations of the structure and the tools used by theindividual Provinces for communications. This was followed by a debate whichproduced various proposals and suggestions to ensure regular, rapid informationand news-sharing between the European Provinces.  

The conclusions of the meeting will beillustrated at the next meeting of the Orderís Europe Commission on 22September, at the General Curia.

Everyone expressed satisfaction andconfidence as a result of the meeting, particularly the President of theEuropean Commission, Brother Rudolf Knop, and the team who had organised it atthe request of the European Commission (Brother Alain-Samuel Jeancler, AntoineSoubrier, Adiana Castro and Carlo Galasso).



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